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360° VR: Our Kitchen After Renovation

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360° VR: Our Kitchen Before Renovation

The kitchen in our 1928 bungalow has seen much better days, and we finally remodeled it in the summer and fall of 2014. This panorama documents the room as it was before demolition.

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The kitchen seems to have been done sometime in the 1960s and looks to have been a fairly high-quality remodel at that time, but has suffered from numerous less appealing updates in the intervening years. The original wall oven does not work and is used for storage and the cabinetry was hacked out for the replacement bottom-of-the-line range. The yellow Masonite paneling is disintegrating, the replacement laminate countertop is chipped, bubbling and peeling. The pantry closet next to the refrigerator is constructed of nothing other than 1/8 inch wood paneling, and the support stud next to the refrigerator was removed at some point, leaving the electrical box hanging on a flexible “wall.” The lighting consists of a bare fluorescent tube over the sink and a cheap track light along the entry to the dining room. The window over the sink is partly rotted away. And then there is the ubiquitous wood paneling, acoustic tile ceiling and dingy vinyl flooring. After nine years of living with this “ruin,” we’d had enough.


360° VR: Gilbert Lake in Winter

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Kitchen Before Renovation


Kitchen after Renovation


Gilbert Lake in Winter

2015-02-07 Gilbert Lake